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I really find Ted Bundy so interesting not even for his crimes i love his personality and the way people who met him described him i wish i could have met him

Can I just point out that nobody, except his victims, knew his REAL personality. He was a psychopath - he mimicked the emotions and actions of others, so whatever personality you were attracted to, it wasn’t his.

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A sketch of the Zodiac Killer.

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Handcuffs and chains found in John Wayne Gacy’s home. He used them to bind his victims before raping and murdering them.

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In the final 24 hours before the execution, a prisoner can be visited by several people, including family, friends, attorneys and spiritual advisors. These visits take place in the death watch area or a special visitation room, and are halted sometime during that last day.

In the final few hours, several events take place in preparation for the execution. They do not necessarily occur in the order listed here and don’t apply to every state:

  • Last meal is provided - Prisons try to provide whatever meal is requested by the condemned prisoner.
  • Warden and chaplain visit - The warden and the state-appointed chaplain visit with the inmate and stay until the end of the execution.
  • Witnesses arrive - There is no contact allowed between witnesses and the condemned prisoner. Witnesses are typically restricted to the witness room adjacent to the execution chamber, and are instructed to remain silent.
  • Inmate makes final preparations - In some states, male inmates are given a fresh pair of pants and a shirt, female inmates a dress, and the prisoner is allowed to shower before getting dressed. In other states, the inmate must remove all outer clothing.
  • Heart monitor is connected - The inmate is connected to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, which will be monitored for flat line to determine when the heart stops and death has occurred.

Once the inmate is dressed, he or she waits in the death-watch cell with a spiritual advisor until the warden gives the signal to bring the prisoner to the execution chamber. The prisoner is brought to the chamber just a few minutes before the scheduled execution.

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David Biro, the teenager convicted in the 1990 slayings of Richard and Nancy Langert, appears in a school yearbook photo.

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Mug shot of serial killer Harry Powers, 1920. Harry Powers was a serial killer who lured his victims through personal advertisements in newspapers.

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Police removing Dahmer’s victims from the Oxford apartment building in Milwaukee.

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“I didn’t start to hate all women; as a matter of fact, I would venture to say I started to fall in love with every one of them. Every one of them became so precious to me ‘cause I wanted their friendship.”

Robert Hansen was born in Pocahontas, Iowa, and was a troubled child, given to wetting his pants, setting fires, and shoplifting. He moved to Anchorage, Alaska, following in the footsteps of his father, and there he opened a bakery. During times when his wife and kids were away, he started trolling areas where prostitutes plied their trade, and eventually he started to murder them. Sometimes he would pick them up in his truck and go to his house. He was a licensed pilot, so other times he would fly them into the Alaskan wild, release them, and then hunt them down with a rifle or bow and arrow. Hansen admitted to seventeen murders, but Alaska state investigator Glenn Forthe felt that Hansen had killed four or five women a year from the early 1970s to 1983, the year he was tracked down.

Hansen was finally caught when one of the women, Kitty Larson, he took to his house escaped, running from his house dressed only in the handcuffs he had put on her. Larson went to the police. In February of 1984, he admitted to some of the killings during questioning, though at times for investigators it was like pulling teeth. In his confession Hansen went into great pains to rationalize his behavior. He explained that he had had problems with women since he was a teenager and that women wouldn’t go out with him because of his acne and his stutter, “I was I guess what you might call very frustrated, upset all the time. I would see my friends and so forth going out on dates and so forth and I had tremendous desire to do the same thing.” He said he always “loved” women, but he made a distinction - a sharp distinction - between good and bad girls. Bad girls could die, “I’m not saying that I hate all women. I don’t. Quite the contrary, if, I guess in my own mind what I’m classifying is a good woman, not a prostitute.”

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The daughter of Ramón Salcido, who had her throat slit by her own father and survived the attack.

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Coy Wayne Wesbrook is a mass murderer and death row inmate who was convicted for the murders of four people in Channelview, Texas, on November 13, 1997.

On November 13, 1997, Wesbrook was asked by his former girlfriend, Gloria Coons, to visit her. When he arrived at her house, he found she was having a party with two other males and two females. Wesbrook, who had gone to her home hoping to rebuild the relationship with Coons, got into a fit of rage when the party’s attendants began to mock him because of Coons’ cheating on him in the bedroom.

At some point that night, Wesbrook noticed his ex wife and two of the men had slipped away and he decided to follow them. He went into the bedroom and found she was having sex with both of the men. Wesbrook, in a rage, went to his truck and retrieved a .36 caliber hunting rifle and returned to the house. He fatally shot his ex wife and all three of the males present. Another female was hurt, but she ultimately survived the shooting. A neighbor who heard the gunshots at 2 a.m. grabbed a cell phone, went next door, saw the dead bodies and immediately called the police. Wesbrook was placed under arrest at the scene.

Wesbrook’s trial started in 1998 and due to his low IQ, the defense asked the jury to show mercy for him. However, the prosecution claimed that Wesbrook was fully aware of what he was doing was wrong and that made him fully responsible for his actions and the prosecution went ahead and sought out the death penalty. The jury found Wesbrook guilty and fully responsible for his actions and recommended the death sentence. On September 2, 1998, Wesbrook was sentenced to death.

Since then, he has lost all of his appeals to the sentence.

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